Quickshop&Co (Q&Co) Water

“Just because it’s convenient, doesn’t mean it has to be a quick fix”: How I gave a convenience brand an effective and cost-effective overhaul, while also paying homage to South African heritage.


Quickshop&Co is a private-label convenience brand launched by Engen Petroleum Group. Engen revolutionised the retail petroleum sector with an authentically South African private-label range offering exceptional value and convenience with recyclable and sustainable packaging.  



Project Overview

Q&CO water was the first own-brand item launched. The design is important because it serves as a showstopper to attract and excite consumers to the future potential brand offerings. 

The brand's core lines, still and sparkling water, are uncluttered. The packaging has a clean modern type, a striking stamp, graphic patterns, and the bold use of the single brand colour. The modern graphic patterns change across variants and are intriguing design elements in a usually simple and quite boring category. 

When displayed in fridges, the pattern combinations and splashes of colour create the feel of water moving across the bottles for a striking effect. Q&CO water became the largest grossing item in the store within the first six months of the brand launching.