You can be a rebel when you know the rules. And you can always rise from the ashes.  

In branding and design, there are a lot of rules, but there’s also a lot of magic. My ethos is that understanding the lifecycle of a brand and packaging is part of this magic. And I believe that brands can rise from the ashes with enough creativity and design know-how. I want businesses to grow and thrive by creating captivating and dazzling brand and packaging design that stands out.

Packaging and design are what make a stale brand rise from the ashes and give it new life. 

That’s why my new brand logo is a mythological phoenix being ridden by a fearless and uninhibited girl. The phoenix is an immortal bird that regenerates or is born again– it dies, and then almost immediately it rises from the ashes. 

I wanted to rebrand Creating a Storm, to Ginger Storm, and completely redesign my logo because I needed to embody my vision and mission statement. For over fifteen years I have worked exclusively on selected projects where I’ve developed distinctive bespoke brands, breathed new life into brands, and rolled out multiple product lines and categories.

My own design and branding needed to convey the formidable reputation for innovation, creativity, world-class quality, passion, intensity, and focus that I’ve come to be associated with. 

That’s why my story encapsulates that beautiful moment when perfect chaos comes together, when law and magic collide. It’s that rare moment where big-agency execution is met with small-studio precision… 

… And you rise from ashes and take flight.