Perro Products

How Ginger Storm added personality and a tail wag into a pet product start-up.


Perro Products is a start-up that aims to disrupt the pet product industry. The business is all about trust, reliability, knowledge, and animal well-being. However, they want to present these elements in a brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Basically, it wants to be a puppy in a dog-eat-dog world. 

As the puppy on the block, Perro Products sought to breathe new life into an industry that is visually tired, traditional, clinical, and serious. 



Project Overview

Ginger Storm achieved this brief by creating an unforgettable identity that created an emotional connection that endears the brand to a younger generation of pet owners. 

The rounded, contemporary typography and quirky, fun, playful brand icon embody the joy, love and happiness intrinsic to being a pet owner. The business card was printed onto perspex to represent the brand's transparency and the ingenuity and innovation behind the products.