Agera Pharmaceuticals

How Ginger Storm drew a crowd.


Agera, a Cape Town-based family business, strive to provide excellent quality healthcare and beauty products at affordable prices. 



Project Overview

In 2019 I was approached to rebrand Agera’s range of probiotics, children’s multivitamins, and cough syrup. I wanted to give this pharmaceutical brand a design that was clean, elegant, and eye-catching, while still conveying trust. 

I added bold vibrant colours ranging from warm oranges to cool blues and greens, and a pretty pink and purple. To elevate the design, I included a spot varnish that was used selectively across the range. Clean and readable typography brings the design together.

The children's vitamin range included hand-drawn watercolour illustrations as a point of difference. The design needed to be whimsical, appeal to kids, and give parents a sense of comfort.